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Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 19:47:44 CDT wrote:
|OASIS is trying to develop some standards with XML for e-voting

That's not a sample, but a W3C XML Schema for a cast ballot. It's also
way more complex than we need for the demo. Maybe for production... but
for now, I don't want to make learning a complicated schema part of the
conceptual load for developers.

What is simpler, is something more like 'ballot-election.xml', just with
the non-selected things removed. Take a look at the sample in
Architecture. Then maybe:

  <!-- vote-selection.xml -->
  <cast_ballot election_date="2004-11-04" state="MA" county="Franklin">
    <election minVotes="0" maxVotes="1" ordered="No" name="President">
      <selection party="Green">Rachel Carson</selection>
    <election minVotes="0" maxVotes="1" ordered="No" name="Senator">
      <selection writein="Yes">Alan Cranston</selection>

    <election minVotes="0" maxVotes="3" ordered="No" name="Cat Catcher">
      <selection>Charlie Fisher</selection>
      <selection>Charlie Rose</selection>
      <selection>Eddie Murphy</selection>
    <election minVotes="0" maxVotes="8" ordered="Yes" name="County Commissioner">
      <selection>Gordon Moore</selection>
      <selection>David Packard</selection>
      <selection>Steve Jobs</selection>

Notice that this is mostly the same (well, a subset) of Jan's ballot.
For commissioner, the voter chose fewer than the maximum allowed
selections. The min/max let us specify the type of contest (it should
work for referenda too, with the selections being Yes/No). The
attribute "ordered" is not strictly necessary, since the selections
occur in an order either way, and we can either use that information or
not. The attribute "name" lets us briefly indicate which election is
indicated (we should use this on 'ballot-election.xml' also... probably
all the other XML attributes too).

See... simple, readable. This should not be a drawn out issue with lots
of discussion. Unless Alan or Doug see something wrong with the
above (a type of contest that cannot be represented)... I hereby
declare it the official XML format for 'vote-selection.xml'. Chris,
Jan, etc. can use that (fill in the rest of the races

Yours, David...

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