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> I will be out of town Sept 16 - 22. I may be able to read the list, but
> almost surely will not have the ability to post, because of the address
> checking for submitted notes.
Thanks for letting us know.

> Still, I think everyone who's working on stuff has a good sense of what
> to work on. ....
I am not so sure. Maybe we could do a little run-down of who is working on
what. I will take the blame in advance for not making sure the PERT chart (or
"roadmap" or Gantt chart) has gotten done. But absent that, there is no clear
indication of who is expected to do what when.

I believe that Jan is taking care of the printed ballot including barcode.
There are a few data format issues to resolve but I think we are close to
understanding how it will work.

I think that Anand is programming the on-screen ballot but I have no idea
where he is with that.

Arnie Urken and Chris Schaefer are working on the tabulation demo.

I don't know anyone that is working on the blind-accessible ballot system.
This is mainly a matter of researching how this has been done (i.e., what has
been shown to work) and making something that works a lot like those systems.
The Australian system is open source (GPL) so we should be pick up some ideas

It seems to me that once we understand generally how this should work, we
need to record the voice prompts (store as .wav files or whatever format is
easiest), and then choose a method for playing the audio files. The ballot
printing system will be the same as for sighted voters.

Maybe we should ask someone to take charge of this task.

Likewise for the barcode vocalization system.

If you have any time before you leave, it might be productive to post some
tasks on SF. Maybe we can assign some of the tasks and/or maybe we could
recruit people to start working on them.

> And anyone who is not... please feel free to assume
> responsibilities (no need for my permission). If anyone wants to update
> the Architecture, feel free to--but could you also either email to me
> personally or post to the list a plain text version of your update (I'll
> unify any such things when I come back). Or use APT directly, which is
> what I'll convert plain text to (which is very little work, and indent
> here or there, maybe a mark around an emphasized word).
> Btw. I attach below the latest version of 'architecture.apt'. It's self
> explanatory, pretty much. Feel free to edit that, and grab 'aptconvert'
> to make the HTML... if you want to use that approach.

Alan D.
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