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> > Thanks. I'll send it to my mother-in-low, who was County
> > Clerk for Bartholemew County, IN, and to a few government,
> > media, and NGO people in other countries.
> >
> > Do we know anybody at the Carter Center, the UN, or other
> > organizations that observe elections in other countries?
> The announcement has been out for over a month now.

Yes, I'm catching up after a month of intensive networking on
Simputer issues. I noticed the date in time, and didn't send it

> If you send out the announcement, I recommend that you point
> to so it has the latest edits.


> At some point, we'll do a proper press release. I think the
> consensus is that we won't make the mid-Oct target. I'd like
> to see it not slip too much though.
> BTW, UC Santa Cruz astronomer & Director of Scientific
> Computing, Bob Kibrick, has taken an interest in voting issues
> ( ). He got in touch with Arthur
> Keller and we got a forum organized for Oct 4 on the UCSC
> campus. CPSR has agreed to help promote it and quite a few
> others are already interested. Arthur will be moderator and I
> will be one of 4 or 5 panelists. So we may have some more
> news to report soon.

I will want to attend. Would you like some comment on voting
systems for developing countries?

> I don't have any contacts at the Carter Center or the UN.
> Doug Jones has some international connections.
> Alan D.

We'll get there.

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