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> Nah... these polling places are spending $3k+ on each machine now; a few
> extra dollars on a better quality scanner doesn't even enter the
> picture.
> In any case, a hand-held scanner will -absolutely- not be acceptable in
> production machines. I have doubts about it for the demo too, but it
> MIGHT work for that. But for real-life use, a fixed scanner is a
> requirement (it's largely for blind voters, after all; they will have
> difficulty operating some cheap hand-held thing).
Okay. Probably, the production system will need a hand-free mounted scanner.
 But for the demo, I think the hand-held thing can work. In fact, I just
bought 18 Cue Cat scanners on eBay for $12.50 (around 70 cents ea.).

Check it out!

They need to be modified. There's a pin that has to be removed or cut or
something. I have a few extras in case I trash one. I'll get the hang of it and
send the developers each one.

Look at it this way. If it works with the Cue Cat, it will probably work
with anything.

Actually, I've heard there work perfectly well.

Send me your address and get a Cue Cat in the mail! Offer good while
supplies last!!!

If you want to send a couple of bucks for shipping, I won't turn it down.
But it's not required.

Alan Dechert
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