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> Thanks. I'll send it to my mother-in-low, who was County Clerk
> for Bartholemew County, IN, and to a few government, media, and
> NGO people in other countries.
> Do we know anybody at the Carter Center, the UN, or other
> organizations that observe elections in other countries?
The announcement has been out for over a month now.

It wound up on several web sites besides ours (thanks to David, mostly but I
sent it to a few places too). Example:

It is somewhat obsolete at this point.

David made a couple of changes here

There are a few other things to edit. For example, the idea of the Open
Voting Consortium has evolved quite a bit since Aug 8. I will be incorporating
the OVC soon as a non-profit corporation. I am working with IEEE people to see
if we can engage them in the process of establishing the standards that OVC
members will adhere to while implementing the open voting paradigm. ISIS
Techology will be one of many organizations belonging to the OVC (I thought I might
get them to spearhead the effort but it looks like I will have to do that).

If you send out the announcement, I recommend that you point to so it has the latest edits. At some point, we'll do a
proper press release. I think the consensus is that we won't make the mid-Oct
target. I'd like to see it not slip too much though.

BTW, UC Santa Cruz astronomer & Director of Scientific Computing, Bob
Kibrick, has taken an interest in voting issues ( ).
He got in touch with Arthur Keller and we got a forum organized for Oct 4 on
the UCSC campus. CPSR has agreed to help promote it and quite a few others are
already interested. Arthur will be moderator and I will be one of 4 or 5
panelists. So we may have some more news to report soon.

I don't have any contacts at the Carter Center or the UN. Doug Jones has
some international connections.

Alan D.
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