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> Hello everyone:
> I'm chris schaefer. I'll be working on vote tabulation. I've
> started working with Arnie already. ....
Great to see you getting going on this, Chris.

> I'd like to make one point and
> then ask one question.
> Point:
> I recently approached this project from the outside and found it
> to be rather tough to get up to speed. All the input and information
> currently available is in the form of mail list archives. This is
> great for following historical discussions but it's not a good way of
> understanding quickly the current state of thinking on any given
> subject. A couple of solutions that come to mind are 1) structured
> document archive 2) some sort of Wiki system.
This is a problem we've long recognized. A couple of people have done some
work on documentation (me included) but haven't had time to follow through
properly. I plan to spend more time on requirements and specs. Skip suggested
(and David seconded) that we use CVS.

> Question:
> I'm working through ways of tabulating votes. Other than the
> important "paper trail" in a ballot box. I believe the intent is to
> have some sort of a scanner be able to read a bar code on the side of
> the printed ballot. Is there any working proposal as to what the
> information in that barcode will look like, and is there any thinking
> as to what it gets transformed into (ie a disk file, a database, etc
> etc ).
> My personal feeling is that the barcode data should be transformed
> into an XML file which is immediately digitally signed by the scanner
> system.
I think that's right. I'm not familiar with XML so I naturally suggested a
format very familiar to me. The developers say XML so I'm staying out of it.

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