Re: evmpl license

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 13:12:41 CDT

Arthur Keller <> wrote:
|Just to be clear, it should apply to a school BOARD election, though.
|Better to be clear. Distribution usually means distribution *to
|others*, and not within an organization.

I think Clay may have been under the impression that the elections
commission (i.e. a gov't agency) itself would implement the voting
machines. That's unlikely (but not necessarily impossible or

The more realistic situation is where Acme Voting Systems (a member in
good standing of the Open Voting Consortium), sells the machine
maintenance/installation to Essex County Voting Commission. First Acme
pays money to VoteCo Certifiers, and VoteCo reports, "yep the software
looks good (we used the revision log to make sure changes serve the
stated purposes)." Acme installs certified software on hardware, then
puts the machines in trucks to deliver to Essex County polling places.

So arguably, Acme didn't merely modify the EVM software, but also
distributed it (the media being, e.g., a harddisk inside a machine[*]).
Still, there's no harm in stating this interpretation of distribution
right in the license.

Btw. (to Arthur), I think the word "governmental" properly includes a
school board? No?

Btw2. On a smaller matter in Clay's post: A revision log need not take
the form of something generated by a control system like CVS. A text
document describing files modified, outside of a formal revision control
system, perfectly well satisfies our license. So it doesn't matter what
is an "initial checkin": if the diff shows changes, they need to be
documented. However, using CVS is certainly a -good- way to assure the
EVMPL is satisfied.

Yours, David...

[*] I plan on advocating later that our machines NOT use harddisks.
Rather, I think the software should be on read-only CD media.
Everything from OS on up to EVM, and any intermediate layers/drivers
needed. That way, VoteCo can certify the EXACT software on the CD, and
issue an MD5SUM for the CD image. This prevents any last minute
"updates" to software of the sort Diebold is fond of.

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