EVMPL created and uploaded

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 13:14:07 CDT

I created the EVMPL (v.1), and updated the sourceforge pages to reflect
this. For the project summary, I listed both GPL and Proprietary/Other;
this is not precisely accurate, but listing only "Other" would give the
wrong impression to viewers, I think.

To try to make it clear, I posted an announcement about the license
status to the summary page. And the full EVMPL is in the Docs section:


I'm not positive that the above URL is permanent, but you should be able
to navigate to it even if not.

If anyone doesn't like the phrasing of my brief introduction of Doug's
extra clause, let me know; we can work out the exact wording (I suppose
it would be v1.1--but we can probably just slipstream if someone
comments in the next day or two).

Developers who create source code files going forward should attach a
notice as to this copyright status. If appropriate, include a copy of
the license, but if you want to avoid the length, a line or two in code
comments should be fine.

Yours, David...

P.S. Along those lines, is there existing code related to the wxPython
implementation of the ballot? If so, could Anand or Matt please upload
those into CVS, or the archive into the file area. I'd like to take a
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