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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 11:34:16 CDT

Dear David and Anand,

Thanks for taking on these development roles. It is important for
the rest of us to know the PERT chart you work out, since I need to
plan for a demonstration of the system that enhances the PR value,
and the likelihood that something will come of all this work.

Best regards,

At 7:47 PM +0530 9/3/03, Anand Pillai wrote:
>Hello David
> It is nice of you to decide to take over the Lead
>Developer role. Thank You!
> I have rejoined the project in the capability of a developer.
>Matt has re-added me to the project as developer. So if you got
>some tasks, I am ready to give it a go.
> I suggest that since the project has taken a back-seat
>to call for a discussion of developers. It can be via chat (which I
>prefer) or through e-mail. Something like a roadmap (PERT) can
>be worked out.
>On Mon, 01 Sep 2003 20:53:36 -0400, "David Mertz"
><> said:
>> Hi gang,
>> At the urging of Alan and Anand, I'll take over the Lead Developer role.
>> I think I'm well enough known and respeceted to add some direction to
>> the efforts; however, I probably will not be able to spend a large
>> amount of time in actual coding, but mostly only in architectural
>> planning and coordination of coders.
>> I reckon this means that I should be promoted to administrator status at
>> sourceforge... so someone with the right permissions should do that.
>> First thing I'll do once I have such status, is update the licensing
>> information to reflect our consensus around EVMPL (which means: GPL
>> plus the Jones clause). Having that will make new developers who join
>> more comfortable with the whole thing.
>> The second thing I think I need to work on is recruiting some additional
>> coders. As I see it, there are three or four coding efforts that should
>> run in parallel. Only one of them is the standard ballot presentation
>> that Anand and Matt started work on (maybe someone else did some work
>> also, apologies if I skipped mentioning you). That will use Python/
>> wxPython/MVC architecture/XML documents/gnosis.xml.objectify/etc. The
>> basic outline of that is clear, I think.
>> A rather different effort is needed to create the headphones/barcode
>> scanner/ballot vocalization system. I'd like to find a different group
>> to work on that part simultaneously with the ballot system.
>> Yet another part is the blind-enabled interface to filling out the
>> ballot. While I expect that to share some data formats with the
>> standard ballot, I think this can also be spun off to a different group
>> of people.
>> Possibly a final parallelizable effort is the printing subsystem to
>> create the paper ballots. The ballot screen (or blind interface) will
>> really just create some data files in XML formats. Converting those
>> into a printed representation, including the barcodes, is a different
>> issue than is the electronic ballot interfaces, and I see no reason it
>> couldn't be split out.
>> Of course, all that is ambitious, and suggests more coders than we
>> currently have as volunteers. I reckon I'll post another call to
>> c.l.python about this... but if any other list members have ideas about
>> recruiting more volunteers for these sub-projects, let's do that.
>> Obviously, there -can- be some overlap in the people working on
>> sub-projects; and I don't want to prejudge who should do what (except,
>> if we can convince Anand, who has wxPython experience to continue on the
>> standard ballot part, that would be great). But I think with this
>> organization, we can use more people
>> Yours, David...
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