Developer lead acceptance

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon Sep 01 2003 - 19:53:36 CDT

Hi gang,

At the urging of Alan and Anand, I'll take over the Lead Developer role.
I think I'm well enough known and respeceted to add some direction to
the efforts; however, I probably will not be able to spend a large
amount of time in actual coding, but mostly only in architectural
planning and coordination of coders.

I reckon this means that I should be promoted to administrator status at
sourceforge... so someone with the right permissions should do that.
First thing I'll do once I have such status, is update the licensing
information to reflect our consensus around EVMPL (which means: GPL
plus the Jones clause). Having that will make new developers who join
more comfortable with the whole thing.

The second thing I think I need to work on is recruiting some additional
coders. As I see it, there are three or four coding efforts that should
run in parallel. Only one of them is the standard ballot presentation
that Anand and Matt started work on (maybe someone else did some work
also, apologies if I skipped mentioning you). That will use Python/
wxPython/MVC architecture/XML documents/gnosis.xml.objectify/etc. The
basic outline of that is clear, I think.

A rather different effort is needed to create the headphones/barcode
scanner/ballot vocalization system. I'd like to find a different group
to work on that part simultaneously with the ballot system.

Yet another part is the blind-enabled interface to filling out the
ballot. While I expect that to share some data formats with the
standard ballot, I think this can also be spun off to a different group
of people.

Possibly a final parallelizable effort is the printing subsystem to
create the paper ballots. The ballot screen (or blind interface) will
really just create some data files in XML formats. Converting those
into a printed representation, including the barcodes, is a different
issue than is the electronic ballot interfaces, and I see no reason it
couldn't be split out.

Of course, all that is ambitious, and suggests more coders than we
currently have as volunteers. I reckon I'll post another call to
c.l.python about this... but if any other list members have ideas about
recruiting more volunteers for these sub-projects, let's do that.
Obviously, there -can- be some overlap in the people working on
sub-projects; and I don't want to prejudge who should do what (except,
if we can convince Anand, who has wxPython experience to continue on the
standard ballot part, that would be great). But I think with this
organization, we can use more people

Yours, David...

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