Re: Wired: Kim Zetter: In Industry First, Voting Machine Company to Publish Source Code

From: David Jefferson <d_jefferson_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Oct 28 2009 - 13:33:12 CDT

On Oct 28, 2009, at 11:00 AM, Bev Harris <> wrote:

At this point, I see Kim Zetter as basically the publicist for EFF,
VerifiedVoting, ACCURATE and the gang. Her headline for the first article was
not just misleading, it was deceptive. Let's take another look at that:

"Nation’s First Open Source Election Software Released"

1. It's not the first.
2. It wasn't released. Only some of it.
3. She didn't ask the right questions, such as the questions about what license
will be used, what hardware will be used, etc. She has plenty of access to the
expertise to know what the questions should be.

Zetter's article was about OSDV's as-yet incomplete open
source software. As I understand it, it is a real open source
development process, and will have an open source license (although I
don't know the details of the license, and I doubt they have all been
worked out).

Then it should be accurately headlined, and referred to as a plan or as a
development process, and fair & balanced coverage should also discuss the Open
Voting Consortium project, and even mention that the OVC has a working demo
that was shown at LinuxWorld.

I am not defending the limitations of Zetter's article. My info comes from John Sebes, and I can get more if you want it.

Sequoia has explicitly renounced security by

Oh c'mon David. You know better than this. Their disclosed code will run on
their proprietary hardware.

Look, I am not naive about Sequoia. i too have bumped up against them many times over the years. But that very explicit rejection of security-by-obscurity in a well-worded quote in their own press release is something we (you and I and others who are at least loosely allied in the desire for better elections) can use again and again, forever. It is irreversible. They cannot take it back. It might be as powerful as the quote from Wally O'Dell about delivering Ohio. It is certainly a quote that OVC can use.

I don't see how you can fail to see any upside in this development. You and many others have forced Sequoia into this. Why not see it as a victory and even take (partial) credit for it?


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