The Sequoia analysis project - update

From: Jim March <1_dot_jim_dot_march_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 22:43:39 CDT

As I just posted:

UPDATE OCT. 20th 2009: all evidence now points to "failed redaction",
not vandalism.
The files CAN be read in MS-SQL - header data is intact. Once inside
the data with MS tools, it's obvious that an attempt to remove source
code was made. Whoever did it didn't realize a second copy of the code
was preserved inside the data files and visible to the Linux "strings"
command. It's still possible some data was redacted or destroyed that
should not have been but that is unconfirmed.
We're still learning a lot about what's going on in these files, and
it was worth doing a public exam from both a practical and moral point
of view, even though it exposes warts in our technical ability from
before we published.
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