Re: [OVC-discuss] IEEE Spectrum, "Open-Source Voting"

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Fri Oct 03 2008 - 11:04:14 CDT

I think Brent makes a good point. Hand marked paper ballots are going to be
less accurate. There are also overvotes possible with hand-marked.

Accuracy issues also become security issues. Anytime ballots get kicked out
because hand marks need to be interpreted, there is opportunity to steal

Alan D.

> Every time I've witnessed the counting of voter marked paper ballots, the
> election officials attribute the system's lack of accuracy to the errant
> pen
> markings on the ballots. Brent Turner
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> Just thought I'd chime in...
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>> Besides me, they quote Rebecca Mercuri. It's an okay article, but I
>> think
> I
>> should respond to some of the comments by Mercuri.
>> The problem with the OVC model, says Rebecca
>> Mercuri, owner of computer security firm Notable
>> Software, in Philadelphia, is that while OVC may
>> be more secure than today's proprietary systems,
>> it is no more secure than electronically scanning
>> paper ballots. ?
> By my understanding of OVC's approach, strictly speaking, I think I
> would agree with her statement. But it misses the point. Paper
> ballots are about as secure as you can get, and I think that OVC is on
> par with that. Compared to electronically scanning paper ballots,
> OVC's advantages include usability, accessibility and counting
> accuracy.
> John-Paul

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