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I am sure SOS Bowen and Ritchie would want to know what is happening on the
"mean streets"-


I am glad nobody got " tasered "





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I am forwarding this note circulated by Stephanie Singer.

I have read the referenced report. I find it credible, and the actions of
the conference organizers, the hotel, and the local police, deplorable.

Decide for yourselves, but I think this is a serious violation of civil
rights, not to mention, a travesty of professed academic and intellectual

This is my personal opinion.

--Dan Ashby



According to a
df> report submitted to the Bloomington, MN, police department,
mathematician Kathy Dopp was evicted from the hotel hosting the 2007 Post
Election Audit Summit on October 26, 2007. The Summit was sponsored by the
following organizations:

* The American Statistical Association
* Verified Voting Foundation
* The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law
* Common Cause
* Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota
* The Florida Voters Coalition

Dopp was attempting to distribute copies of her mathematical analysis of
election audits, and was attempting to speak with some conference attendees.
Although this does not constitute "soliciting", the hotel claimed that she
was in fact soliciting.

Perhaps dissemination of Kathy Dopp's own work on election integrity and the
mathematics of auditing somehow felt threatening to the conference
organizers. But expression of ideas should be protected in America, not
supressed. In these times of waning public confidence in elections, election
officials and decision-makers should learn from scientists and
mathematicians, who understand that free dissent within a community
strengthens the community and leads to better results. More fundamentally,
it's a first amendment issue.

For more information, please contact Kathy Dopp (

Here are some actions you might take in support of Kathy Dopp and first
amendment rights. Please do one or more:

* Contact one of the sponsoring organizations to complain of her
treatment. If you are member of one of them, identify yourself as such.
* Call the Embassy Suites hotel in Bloomington MN to complain:
952-884-4811. Or call headquarters for Hilton Hotels (which owns Embassy
Suites): 310-278-4321.
* Forward this message to friends in the Minneapolis area, and to any
reporters you know.
* If you know, or are a constituent of, any elected official whose
district includes Bloomington, ask them to investigate.

As always, thanks for paying attention!


Stephanie Singer


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