OVS Seeks Volunteers

From: Danny Swarzman <danny_at_stowlake_dot_com>
Date: Wed Oct 24 2007 - 14:31:18 CDT

Open Voting Solutions is looking for software professionals to donate
their time to create OpenScan. When this project is completed,
OpenScan will be released as open source software to run elections.
At the same time, we are proceeding to pave the way to have OpenScan
certified in several states.

Our solution is based on open source software, commercial off-the-
shelf hardware, use of international standards for electronic ballot
data and voter-marked paper ballots.

By necessity the software needs to be clearly written and documented
to the highest standards. We ask volunteers to send their resumes and
samples of their work.

For more information:


-Danny Swarzman, VP Software Engineering, OVS

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