"Paper Ballots" in Santa Clara County

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun Oct 29 2006 - 03:26:47 CST

I went through poll worker training yesterday for Santa Clara County,
California. Voters will be allowed to vote on paper ballots if they
request them, but there will not be optically scannable ballots
provided to the polls. Instead the ballots that are inside the
sample ballots given to the voters will be used. Since these ballots
will not be machine scannable, the ballots will be transcribed by
hand to machine scannable ballots. The election trainer I spoke with
was not clear whether the copy and the original would be
"Bates-stamped" or otherwise serial numbered with the same number or
code to identify the match for audit purposes.

Obviously, this is not what voters expect when voters use paper ballots.

My recommendation if you want to vote a paper ballot that is directly
counted is to request an absentee ballot, with the request received
by the Registrar of Voters by 5pm on Tuesday, October 31. You will
get an absentee ballot in the mail that you can deposit at any
polling place in the county on election day. If you fail to get the
mailed absentee ballot in time to vote, you may still vote
provisionally, either electronically or "on paper" in your precinct
on election day (or even in another precinct in the same county,
although you might not be able to vote on local measures that way).

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