Plan in pdf format for Ensuring Correct Candidates Sworn Into Office

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sat Oct 07 2006 - 15:33:07 CDT

Hello Fellow American Patriots and Defenders of Democracy,

Please review our short pdf of plan to ensure that correctly elected
candidates are sworn into office this coming January.

Here is a pdf of an overall plan that local election activists could use
(but our group is too underfunded and understaffed to fund or participate in
except for a few states - We've chosen CO, PA, MD, and FL to partially fund
our election forensics plan.)

(and in editable ppt format for those who want it )

and info for open records requests necessary to obtain what we need:

Recommendations for candidates in a short pdf:

Work needs to be done immediately to determine what records need to be
requested for each type of voting system.

For example, with Diebold voting system there is a standard report created
by the GEMS server in pdf format called "Statement Of Votes Cast" (SOVC)
report that, if run jurisdiction-wide for all counters and all races,
provides all the detailed vote count data that is needed for forensic
election data analysis, which is being routinely released now in most
states. Although some election officials will try to waste everyone's time
and paper by printing it and charging for it by the page, so be ready to
insist on receiving it electronically. It is easier and quicker for election
officials to forward the original Diebold pdf report, unaltered, in pdf
format in response to your requests.

Could any of you determine and inform us regarding what corresponding
reports or records for ES&S, Sequoia, Hart Intercivic, etc. voting systems
would contain all the detailed vote counts by precinct and by vote type for
each race that we need?

Please take the time to review the above plan for ensuring that correctly
elected candidates are sworn into office this coming January. Please note
that I am only one person and not superhuman, so this plan must be carried
out by local election integrity activists in each state.

However, please share with me any work (letters to candidates, press
releases, open records requests, or information you obtain re. exactly what
reports are available for other voting systems) that you do in your state so
we can publicly post them here to help other states' activists.

Please read and consider this plan:

Thank you Very Much. Any assistance would be appreciated to implement this
plan. Please feel free to use our state email lists to communicate with
like-minded people in a particular state:

We heartily applaud the efforts of other election integrity activist groups
to ensure that the central vote counts are a correct reflection of the
reported precinct and machine counts and to conduct exit polls and parallel
citizen vote counts. However, election data forensics is often the only way
to detect errors in individual electronic machine vote counts.


Kathy Dopp
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