PA VV paper record & Audit Legislation

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_uscountvotes_dot_org>
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 16:02:09 CDT

If you live in PA or know anyone who does, this election reform bill
would ensure accurate vote counts in PA:

Here is a link to the bill proposed in PA yesterday:

And to the Bill History, etc.:

This link is to the Press Release from the Legislator introducing the bill:

PA state legislators are listed here:

This PA House Bill No. 2000 is the best Voter Verified Paper Record and
Audit legislation I've seen. It would ensure that PA's votes are
accurately counted and be a model for the rest of America.

I've been told that HB 2000 currently has 38 (out of 203) sponsors, 7 of
whom are Republicans. It is on the floor already.


Kathy Dopp
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