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From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun Oct 31 2004 - 22:59:31 CST

> Founding Members can have a sentence or two bio and a link or two on
> this
> about_us page. If you are a founding member, please advise me on what
> you
> want there. David Mertz has been offered a Principal Membership.

Maybe split out the other categories of members, other than directors,
to a separate page to avoid long scrolling. Depending on how much bio
you get on folks, perhaps also separate links by category: Founding,
Supporting, Principal, etc.

So the top of the "About Us" page might look like:

About Us

The Open Voting Consortium has broad national and international

Founding Members [link]
Supporting Members [link]

In addition, the following are our Directors so far.

[pic] Alan ....


As to my own bio. I guess:


David Mertz (Ph.D.) is a [well-known author
[]] on programming--and sometimes
political--topics. He feels that procedural democracy requires that
the technical instruments of governance be open for public inspection,
every bit as much as it requires the legal acts of government remain
so open. 

David is an architectural advisor and Principle Member of OVC, and has
written quite a bit about [OVC's design principles

The second URL is not actually extant yet, but use it, and I'll soon
create a summary page with links to several articles I've done,
including the one "Practical XML data design and manipulation for
voting systems" that is currently linked to. But I'll add some related
articles, like the one on EML, the papers with Arthur and other OVCers,
maybe something on my IEEE P-1622 work, etc. to that same Voting
Articles page.
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