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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sun Oct 31 2004 - 16:05:53 CST

Please see our about_us page.

I have updated the page in several ways:

1) Karl Auerbach added as director
2) List of Founding Members published
3) List of Supporting Members published
4) List of "Contributors" published


Karl Auerbach has been nominated and informally accepted as OVC director for
some months now. We will have a board meeting on NOV 11 where the first
order of business will be to formally vote Karl in.

Also, at the NOV 11 meeting, we will fix the list of "Founding Members."
This is long overdue -- I first announced this Jan 21.
Founding Members can have a sentence or two bio and a link or two on this
about_us page. If you are a founding member, please advise me on what you
want there. I think this list is correct but it could be wrong! If you
believe you should be on this list but I dropped your name somewhere along
the line, please let me know right away. After the NOV 11 board meeting,
names will not be added to the Founding Members list!

Supporting Members represents the current list of subscribers. Everyone
signing up for supporting membership will be put on the list unless they
opt-out. They can have a link to a site of their choice. A couple of
people that have subscribed have since cancelled. If a subscriber cancels,
they will be removed from this list but may be added to the "Contributors
List" if they choose to opt-in for that.

"Contributors" are people that have lent substantial effort or money to the
project. This list is opt-in. I have taken some liberty with the initial
list and included people on the discussion list that have not explicity
opted-in. Since their participation in the OVC discussion is public
information, I assume they will not mind being listed here. There are
perhaps another 60 or so financial contributors that are not on any of these
lists and the fact they have contributed money is not published anywhere. I
will sent a message to our donor list in the next few days and let them know
that they can be listed there if they wish.

A few other lists will be added when we have members in those categories
(Strategic, Principal, Technical, and Associate). Founding members are by
default Associate Members. David Mertz has been offered a Principal
Membership. It's possible other Founding Members will be offered membership
at some level above Associate.

Members and contributors will only be on one list. If you're a director,
you won't be listed on the other lists. If you're a founding member, and
you want to also be a supporting member, we'll add "supporting member" to
your listing but you'll stay on the Founding Member list. If you are a
supporting member, you'll stay on that list unless you cancel your
subscription in which case you can opt-in to be listed as a Contributor.

Feedback welcome.

Alan D.

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