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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 17:50:15 CDT

I agree with Edward's ideas (below), including press release, although it
may take more than one day after Nov 2, to analyze and create a response.

How to obtain election results broken out by DRE with non-DRE (or
paperless DRE results) with non-paperless DRE results within SWING states?
 It would not be wise for OVC to release such analysis, but it would be
important to study this data immediately after the election (& have info
on proportions of dems/repubs in same counties) to see if there is a
pattern that some other group could bring to the attention of the press,
creating much more interest in OVC.

I believe Pamela Smith of Verified Voting knows what types of voting
machines are in use in each state and county.



Edward Cherlin said:
> On Wednesday 27 October 2004 12:05 pm, Alan Dechert wrote:
>> Arthur,
>> I don't know if this fundraising idea will work. As I
>> mentioned, I think it boils down to getting one million
>> visitors to our web site in the next few weeks.
> Then we need to do a press release on Nov. 3, something to get
> us /.ed and in at least some of the media.
> EFF just put out a press release about pollworkers, including me
> and Barbara Simons, being told not to tell voters that paper
> ballots are available. I have been interviewed by KQED, the LA
> Times, and Consumer Reports. The Mercury has a front-page story
> today on the paper ballot issue.
> Matt Zimmerman of EFF wants to work with us further, so we may be able
> to get them to do a press release specifically about us
> right after the election, or we may be able to get a mention in
> some of the releases they will be doing on other topics.
> Then we need a more organized and continuous media campaign. I'm
> pretty sure we could do an article or two for Mother Jones, and
> we ought to be able to get on Democracy Now. I'm sure we can get
> on Air America Radio with Al Franken or one of their other
> hosts. There should be some Libertarian publications with
> sufficient interest. We should contact Forum at KQED, Talk of
> the Nation (NPR), and other such shows.
> We should get local politicians working the issue, including Joe
> Simitian, Zoe Lofgren, and Mike Honda, and create a national
> campaign, including Dennis Kucinich and DFA (Dean/Democracy for
> America), among others. We want Nancy Pelosi to have us on the
> radar, and Tom Daschle or his successor in the Senate.
>> There are a
>> number of variables, especially with the election outcome
>> pending, that could make this more or less likely.
> It's all quite likely regardless. Even if the election isn't
> close, there may be hundreds or thousands of court cases about
> various irregularities that those of various persuasions would
> like rulings on before the next time.
> My prediction: There will be enough close votes in swing states
> to put the overall result in moderate doubt, and there will be a
> full court (haha) press from the apparently losing side to
> reverse it. Then there will be a media circus even bigger than
> Florida 2000. We have to catch the wave.
>> Alan D.
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