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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 16:11:14 CDT


> I just sent out the fundraising blurb on the homepage to another
> mailing list I'm on; and I'll work on sending it (or something similar)
> to other places.
Excellent! Thanks!!

> One thing we could really use, IMO, is another link that lets people
> donate an amount other than $10/month. That's a great amount as a
> recommendation, but other people may want to make larger, but one-time
> donations. Or even other monthly amounts. Or whatever. Could we
> please get another button that says something like: "Donate other
> amount" (maybe right under the membership button)? Laird?
I agree we want to have the other button (or a link to it) there somewhere.
But I really do want to focus on the subscriptions. I love seeing the $10
showing up automatically every month. People don't have to be reminded.
It's an amount that most people can part with without much impact on their
budgets. Plus, it's real grassrootsy: Getting a little support from many
people over time.

The other thing is to keep the decision simple. Here's what we want: can
you do it? David Mertz is a decisive person, but a lot of people get
paralyzed by too many decisions. "Do I want to support OVC? Okay. Do I
want to give them $10 a month or just make a contribution of $100 ... or
some other amount. I'm not sure ... have to think about it. Maybe I'll do
it tomorrow."

If someone knows they want to contribute but not do the $10 per month deal,
they will figure out how to do it. We should make it not too difficult to
figure out how to do that but I don't want to make the pitch for supporting
memberships and then give any prominence to some other option.

> Well... this doesn't matter so much, but thermometer icon looks a
> little silly to me. Maybe we could shrink it a bit so your eye doesn't
> go right towards it. Especially since right now it only reads 8/1111.
> Psychologically, if it said 500 viewers would probably be more inclined
> to add their membership--but no one wants to be (almost) first.
> Drawing a little less attention to that might be better.
I don't necessarily agree "that no one wants to be (almost) first." I agree
that the first few tend to be harder to get than the 100th. But I've been
through that in many ways with various campaigns. We've gotten a couple of
new volunteers in the last 24 hrs. The effort on my part was pretty
minimal. Getting the first few voluteers for OVC was a major challenge.
Getting the first few $ contributions for OVC was also a challenge.
Recently, I wrote an email to our donor list saying we needed $400 - 500
bucks -- something like that -- and we had the money in two hours (it worked
because I had not asked in a while and had some accomplishments to show
them... but still, you get the idea: it took ver little effort compared with
getting the first $500).

I expect to see a curve something like this (attached graphic).

Alan D.

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