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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 14:07:44 CDT

Promote the donation campaign?Laird,

The sales pitch has undergone several revisions. The main thing I want to emphasize for the messages going to lists is that it should be a teaser -- to get them to the web site. It should not have the whole pitch. Within the email, we don't want to ask them to contribute. We want them to go to

The teaser can be very short. For some lists, we may want to customize it a bit. Take a look at Jim March's successful message. It's very short and customized for the list. Main thing: it includes a link to ovc.

Illiad already knows how screwed up Diebold's voting machines are. The
Open Voting Consortium ( is actively
building a Linux-based, sourceforge-published electronic voting system.
They need seed help; their open-source voting system is by far the
furthest along in the development process. These guys rock, so does
Democracy, Micro$oft hates 'em, what's not to like?

Jim March

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  I'd like to propose that we send the following email out to as many lists as possible. Of course, I'm not a marketing person, so if someone wants to jump in and make it better, I'd be thrilled! :-)

  Subject: OVC Announces Goal of "1111 by 11/11"

  On November 2, tens of millions of invisible ballots will be counted that were created with secret software. Nine out of ten computer scientists say we should not trust democracy with these voting machines (called Direct Record Electronic or "DRE"). They have some advantages like ease of use, no need for a pre-printed ballot, the ability accommodate voters with disabilities, easy to handle multiple languages, and so on. But what evidence is there that your vote was handled correctly? Ask for a recount and they'll push a button and get the same number.

  Election officials say, "trust us." But why should you? What if you could print out your completed ballot on-the-spot in the voting booth using an inexpensive computerized machine that has all the advantages of the paperless ones? Major newspapers from coast-to-coast have endorsed the concept of public software and paper ballots that the Open Voting Consortium (OVC) is promoting. The San Jose Mercury news called the OVC system the "Holy Grail." [ link ]

  We can make available a more secure voting system that has all of the advantages of touchscreen voting, but produces a printed ballot and has all components publicly inspectable. Institutions are supporting business as usual. We need your help now. It will take on-going support over the next two years. A thousand or so supporting memberships at $10 per month will ensure a good start. Our immediate goal is 1111 memberships by 11/11. Please join us today to secure democracy for the future!

  Join: Become an OVC Supporting Member for $10 a month.

  The Open Voting Consortium is designed as a 501(c)(6) organization, which means that donations are not tax deductible. You will be contributing to securing the democratic process for future generations.

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