Re: Donation plan? and more

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 04:56:21 CDT

> At 12:05 PM -0700 10/27/04, Alan Dechert wrote:
> >Arthur,
> >
> >> I do think the board should formally commence a search for an OVC
> >> President at its meeting on November 11th. If you want to wait to
> >> resign until the new candidate is identified and installed, that's
> >> fine with me.
> >>
> >Yes. Good. The new OVC president must satisfy several criteria:
> >
> >1) Philosophically aligned to OVC
> Although I expect that the OVC's role may well evolve regardless of
> who holds the title of President.
> >2) Technical competence and credentials
> The competence need not be technical. For example, someone with
> political experience or other activist experience might be suitable.
> >3) Sufficient time and dedication that can be applied to the OVC cause.
> If we split the President role from the Executive Director role, then
> the notion of sufficient time is less.
Arthur, you keep saying "Executive Director" but I've never bought into that
particular title. It's common in 501(c)(3) organizations but OVC is not
that. We can and should create a related 501(c)(3) as we have discussed.
This is not altogether trivial and I have discussed this at length with our
attorney, Dow Patten. One of the things Dow has to do is draft a memorandum
of understanding between the 501(c)(6) and the 501(c)(3).

If OVC goes with a figurehead (need better term) president, perhaps the
person doing most of the day-to-day work would be a vice president

> >4) A level of "star power" and connections necessary to obtain funding
> >
> >If the candidate does not have these qualities -- and plenty of them --
> >there is no point in replacing the OVC president.
> Provided that the current OVC President's financial issues do not
> adversely affect the OVC.
Well, yes. But I've been battling "financial issues" for the whole time and
have managed to move things forward. The point is, things need to change.
We must raise money one way or the other. The effectiveness of the OVC will
be very limited if we can't move beyond the all-volunteer stage. It's also
possible that a sister OVC - foundation 501(c)(3) could receive funding (and
have paid staff) while volunteers from the foundation run OVC.

Alan D.

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