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From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 02:19:03 CDT

Jan Karrman wrote:

>On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Alan Dechert wrote:
>>If you go to this page, you can see page requests per day.
>It's not there yet, but there should be quite an increase for Oct 27,
>after the Link of the Day from (didn't anyone else
> VOTING IN THE OPEN: But not in the sense of revealing your choice!
> "Open" as in using Open Source to show how your eVoting software
> operates. The Open Voting Consortium is a non-profit organization
> dedicated to "the development, maintenance, and delivery of open
> voting systems for use in public elections." It's OSS, it's free,
> and it isn't Diebold. EXCELLENT!
>I checked the statistics for how many tried the web demo ballot.
>Yesterday there were 180 ballots cast - typically it is less than 10
>(the peak when we were SlashDotted was 437). Also, 174 continued to
>generate the paper ballot (PS, PDF, or JPEG), and 70 downloaded the
>corresponding audio file.


Just curious, but how does that compare to a slashdotting?

It's extra neat because Illiad (cartoonist's pen name) didn't use the
"intro text" I suggested, he did his own version which shows a good
understanding of the issues.

Y'all might consider what's at the bottom of


      If Your Site Was Chosen As A Link Of The Day

We sincerely apologize for the tromping your server took. We have
created this little badge of honor for you to display on your site.
Please save a copy of the image and use it to link back to us at

(complete with cool little graphic)

That graphic is actually a badge of honor among techies, you might
consider adding it.

And all this was my idea :).

Jim March
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