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>I'd like to propose that we send the following email out to as many
>lists as possible. Of course, I'm not a marketing person, so if
>someone wants to jump in and make it better, I'd be thrilled! :-)
>Subject: OVC Announces Goal of "1111 by 11/11"
>On November 2, tens of millions of invisible ballots will be counted
>that were created with secret software. Nine out of ten computer
>scientists say we should not trust democracy with these voting
>machines (called Direct Record Electronic or "DRE"). They have some
>advantages like ease of use, no need for a pre-printed ballot, the
>ability accommodate voters with disabilities, easy to handle
>multiple languages, and so on. But what evidence is there that your
>vote was handled correctly? Ask for a recount and they'll push a
>button and get the same number.
>Election officials say, "trust us." But why should you? What if you
>could print out your completed ballot on-the-spot in the voting
>booth using an inexpensive computerized machine that has all the
>advantages of the paperless ones? Major newspapers from
>coast-to-coast have endorsed the concept of public software and
>paper ballots that the Open Voting Consortium (OVC) is promoting.
>The San Jose Mercury news called the OVC system the "Holy Grail." [
>link ]
>We can make available a more secure voting system that has all of
>the advantages of touchscreen voting, but produces a printed ballot
>and has all components publicly inspectable. Institutions are
>supporting business as usual. We need your help now. It will take
>on-going support over the next two years. A thousand or so
>supporting memberships at $10 per month will ensure a good start.
>Our immediate goal is 1111 memberships by 11/11. Please join us
>today to secure democracy for the future!
>Join: Become an OVC Supporting Member for $10 a month.
>The Open Voting Consortium is designed as a 501(c)(6) organization,
>which means that donations are not tax deductible. You will be
>contributing to securing the democratic process for future

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