Re: Any other OVC contributors/targets?

From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 17:59:58 CDT

Hello Alan and All:
     Hint taken. It may take a few days but it sounds like a good thing for a Wiki topic. Does anyone have a topic title they would like to see? ('Mothra versus OVC'?) Also, is their a link to the Wiki on the OVC page. I don't mean right up top and front but maybe in the links section?
Thanks, Ed Kennedy

Alan Dechert <> wrote:

> Is anyone compiling this list of good targets and press channels?
> Great ideas.
This is an excellent idea. I know you are great at such things. Perhaps
you could do this or you could assist someone else with this. Ed?

> How many ideas do we have so far for obtaining contributors?
I think this is simple. Get them to visit our web site. We will get
contributors that way. You don't need to worry about a sales pitch for
contributions. Just get them to visit the web site. Whatever it takes. We
can improve the sales pitch on the site if someone has some better ideas.

Previously, I said we get one per thousand but it really depends somewhat on
where the visitors are coming from. The Slashdot crowd gets us much better
than one per thousand. Our stats program is crummy and the ISP resets it at
seemingly random times. I haven't found any stats about how many unique IP
addresses with visitors:

If you go to this page, you can see page requests per day.

My guess (based on some experience) is that a visitor averages something
less than two pages (most people only look at the first page, and if they
take a link to a newspaper article that's not counted as a page request).
So, for example, yesterday we had 181 page requests. If we assume 2 pages
per visitor, that would be about 90 visitors ... except that some of those
are bots. So a reasonable estimate might be that we had about 75 visitors.

> Linux User Groups
> Web site developers and Bloggers who discuss e-voting machines
> DeanforAmerica
> (others I forget?)
> I'm happy to look at Laird's email and make suggestions but I can't for a
> couple of days.
Laird mostly just copied the pitch on our web site. I think the pitch
should be customized somewhat for the audience. For example, for the Dean
crowd, there should be some reference to Governor Dean's obvious interest in
this issue.

> Our target date will be AFTER the election next week as someone said
> earlier, and we can use this next week to prepare, and I would guess that
> we may need another week after the election to properly respond to events.
I strongly disagree. We should start now. The pitch will change depending
on the election outcome. But there is no need to wait. I just did one
newspaper interview today. Doug Jones may be on Sixty Minutes II tonight
(with luck they'll capture some mention of OVC?). The NYT just published an
editorial on Sunday. There is plenty of talk about the issue right now. We
need to get specific mentions of OVC with a link to our site. The writer
today said he would include our URL.

> Question: In case GW wins the election, in swing states, do we have any
> way of obtaining the election results for precincts in each state that use
> paperless DREs vs. election results for precincts in each state that use
> other voting methods? It might be possibly to energize Democrats to join
> our effort if there turns up to be any statistical evidence that the
> election may possibly have been rigged via e-voting.
I don't know what we can do specifically, but I'm sure there are lots of
people out there looking for problems. Whatever problems are surfaced, we
should emphasize the need for improvement.

Alan D.

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