Re: Donation plan? and more

From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 14:19:07 CDT

Alan Dechert wrote:

>4) A level of "star power" and connections necessary to obtain funding

On that note, as probably the only gun nut present :) lemme tell y'all
that the milage the NRA got out of Charleton Heston as "figurehead
president" was simply astounding. How you feel about that issue is
irrelevant to discussing the technique: basically, the media wouldn't
report "the NRA's president" appearing somewhere but they'd be all OVER
a Heston appearance while mentioning he was there for gun stuff of some

Rumor has it they've been calling Tom Selleck to get him as a
replacement. Drew Carey's name has been kicked around (yes, he's a
major gun guy!).


Point is...we could play the same game for the same reason. And we'd
almost certainly have more celebs to pick from - finding a Hollywood gun
nut is needle-in-haystack grade pain (but we've got Sarah Michel Geller!

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