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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 12:50:48 CDT

I welcome Kathy's lead in this area and will continue to do what I
can to help. I wrote some of the material that Kathy has already
used. I think there is merit in OVC creating what some call a
Computerized Ballot Marker that can be opscanned along with
handmarked ballots. We could also create a ballot verifier that
checks for overvotes, displays the info on a CRT screen and/or
"speaks" the ballot to a blind or reading-impaired voter. There are
other states that may be interesed as well (e.g., Rhode Island). We
can later migrate towards software for the opscan hardware as well as
county and/or state tallying software and associated websites.

Best regards,

At 1:26 PM -0400 10/27/04, Kathy Dopp wrote:
>Arthur Keller said:
>>>I've been breaking my neck here in Utah (which has not bought any
>>> voting equipment for HAVA yet and has a June 2006 HAVA deadline) to
>>> obtain an opportunity for OVC to deploy a state-wide system in a
>>> Republican-led state, and thus lead America to use open source voting
>>> systems with a well-designed VVPB that is op-scan-able.
>> I think there is still a possibility, but we probably have to scale
>> back what we're planning to do to make sure we achieve something in the
>> requisite timeframe.
>> The OVC board will meet on November 11th and (1) develop a plan of
>> action for development,
>Arthur and Everyone,
>Please consider making Utah a top priority at OVC's board meeting because
>both incoming Lt. Governor candidates here are against what the current
>Utah Election Office has been doing (selecting DRE machines), and will
>most likely restart the voting equipment RFP process in January. IFF we
>can submit a proposal here by December to the Lt. Governor elect, we have
>a good chance of its being funded with HAVA funds and beginning in January
>Getting an OVC system state-wide in a Republican state like Utah would
>cause an explosion of interest in open source systems with a VVPB that is
>op-scan-able, and enable OVC to really get off the ground.
>I need help from OVC in several respects to accomplish this in Utah though:
>1. help selling the idea to find a Utah PI (principal investigator - PhD
>computer scientist in Utah. I need a sales pitch that includes mentioning
>all the great computer scientists that the Utah PI will have an
>opportunity to work with, the money that will be available, how easy it
>will be, a chance to save democracy, or whatever....
>2. help writing a proposal for Utah's RD&D (research, development, and
>deployment) of an OVC system. Utah's Election Director asked us to submit
>a proposal in August (after seeing our concept for proposal
> ! IMO, we need to submit a
>proposal by December latest to the Lt. Governor Elect and the Election
>Office, so that the work can be funded and begin in January.
>The PI and proposal are the biggest obstacles we have now in Utah IMO.
>The county commissioners are on our side after I gave a presentation to
>them in several places in July. The Utah legislators are on our side
>after two hearings on the topic before the Joint Gov Operations Cmte. The
>incoming Lt. Governor candidates are on our side. The Utah Election
>Office has invited us to submit a proposal.
>I need OVC's help now to find a PI and get a proposal written and a little
>sales help and Utah is the surprise location where OVC's ideas of an open
>source voting system with two independently programmed and reconciled
>electronic counts and a VVOSPB (voter verifiable op scan-able paper
>ballot) can take off beginning in January.
>I have a guest bed (actually two) in my office and an extra bathroom if
>anyone needs a place to rest and can come here to help me with important

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