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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 12:26:00 CDT

Arthur Keller said:

>>I've been breaking my neck here in Utah (which has not bought any
>> voting equipment for HAVA yet and has a June 2006 HAVA deadline) to
>> obtain an opportunity for OVC to deploy a state-wide system in a
>> Republican-led state, and thus lead America to use open source voting
>> systems with a well-designed VVPB that is op-scan-able.
> I think there is still a possibility, but we probably have to scale
> back what we're planning to do to make sure we achieve something in the
> requisite timeframe.
> The OVC board will meet on November 11th and (1) develop a plan of
> action for development,

Arthur and Everyone,

Please consider making Utah a top priority at OVC's board meeting because
both incoming Lt. Governor candidates here are against what the current
Utah Election Office has been doing (selecting DRE machines), and will
most likely restart the voting equipment RFP process in January. IFF we
can submit a proposal here by December to the Lt. Governor elect, we have
a good chance of its being funded with HAVA funds and beginning in January

Getting an OVC system state-wide in a Republican state like Utah would
cause an explosion of interest in open source systems with a VVPB that is
op-scan-able, and enable OVC to really get off the ground.

I need help from OVC in several respects to accomplish this in Utah though:

1. help selling the idea to find a Utah PI (principal investigator - PhD
computer scientist in Utah. I need a sales pitch that includes mentioning
all the great computer scientists that the Utah PI will have an
opportunity to work with, the money that will be available, how easy it
will be, a chance to save democracy, or whatever....

2. help writing a proposal for Utah's RD&D (research, development, and
deployment) of an OVC system. Utah's Election Director asked us to submit
a proposal in August (after seeing our concept for proposal ! IMO, we need to submit a
proposal by December latest to the Lt. Governor Elect and the Election
Office, so that the work can be funded and begin in January.

The PI and proposal are the biggest obstacles we have now in Utah IMO.
The county commissioners are on our side after I gave a presentation to
them in several places in July. The Utah legislators are on our side
after two hearings on the topic before the Joint Gov Operations Cmte. The
incoming Lt. Governor candidates are on our side. The Utah Election
Office has invited us to submit a proposal.

I need OVC's help now to find a PI and get a proposal written and a little
sales help and Utah is the surprise location where OVC's ideas of an open
source voting system with two independently programmed and reconciled
electronic counts and a VVOSPB (voter verifiable op scan-able paper
ballot) can take off beginning in January.

I have a guest bed (actually two) in my office and an extra bathroom if
anyone needs a place to rest and can come here to help me with important



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