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From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 00:21:21 CDT

Hello Kathy,

      Thanks for actually reading my email! I don't speak for OVC. I only
speak for me. It sure sounds like I'm being pessimistic based on your
terrific work. Again, only speaking for me, I say GO FOR IT!

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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> Ed Kennedy said:
>> Hello Jim and Alan:
>> This is
>> where OVC comes in. We need to become a R & D group and deemphasize
>> product development for the near to intermediate future. I believe
>> there is still of work to be done on the EVM.
> Ed,
> I've been breaking my neck here in Utah (which has not bought any voting
> equipment for HAVA yet and has a June 2006 HAVA deadline) to obtain an
> opportunity for OVC to deploy a state-wide system in a Republican-led
> state, and thus lead America to use open source voting systems with a
> well-designed VVPB that is op-scan-able.
> We have a uniquely favorable situation in Utah to do that, because our
> Governor and Lt. Governor are Lame Ducks, and I have been working with a
> group of over a dozen Utah computer scientists, including a very
> Republican one who was Chief Information Officer of the state of Utah
> under Governor Mike Leavitt. The Utah Election Office Director has
> verbally told me to "submit an OVC proposal" but we haven't found a local
> PI yet, although I offered to drive upstate to Utah State University
> (where Utah's premier Open Source community resides and give a
> presentation to the computer science department) if Alan would write a
> sales pitch for me to use.
> Are you saying that I've wasted my time since June and to go ahead and let
> Utah buy Diebold or ES&S DREs with a paper-under-glass VVPAT because OVC
> cannot get it together to begin a development and deployment project here
> in January?
> Both incoming Lt. Governor candidates (who are officially in charge of
> elections) have promised to meet with me right after the election while
> one of them will be Lt. Governor elect. Here is a short history of what
> I've been doing in Utah:
> If OVC is giving up on developing and deploying anything by 2006, I need
> to know now so I can move on to another project that is also very
> important.
> Regards,
> Kathy
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