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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 00:07:50 CDT

Ed Kennedy said:
> Hello Jim and Alan:
> This is
> where OVC comes in. We need to become a R & D group and deemphasize
> product development for the near to intermediate future. I believe
> there is still of work to be done on the EVM.


I've been breaking my neck here in Utah (which has not bought any voting
equipment for HAVA yet and has a June 2006 HAVA deadline) to obtain an
opportunity for OVC to deploy a state-wide system in a Republican-led
state, and thus lead America to use open source voting systems with a
well-designed VVPB that is op-scan-able.

We have a uniquely favorable situation in Utah to do that, because our
Governor and Lt. Governor are Lame Ducks, and I have been working with a
group of over a dozen Utah computer scientists, including a very
Republican one who was Chief Information Officer of the state of Utah
under Governor Mike Leavitt. The Utah Election Office Director has
verbally told me to "submit an OVC proposal" but we haven't found a local
PI yet, although I offered to drive upstate to Utah State University
(where Utah's premier Open Source community resides and give a
presentation to the computer science department) if Alan would write a
sales pitch for me to use.

Are you saying that I've wasted my time since June and to go ahead and let
Utah buy Diebold or ES&S DREs with a paper-under-glass VVPAT because OVC
cannot get it together to begin a development and deployment project here
in January?

Both incoming Lt. Governor candidates (who are officially in charge of
elections) have promised to meet with me right after the election while
one of them will be Lt. Governor elect. Here is a short history of what
I've been doing in Utah:

If OVC is giving up on developing and deploying anything by 2006, I need
to know now so I can move on to another project that is also very



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