Re: Donation plan?

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 23:31:26 CDT

Jim March said:
> How far could the project go with 1,000 donors who each do the $10/mo
> pledge thing off the site?
> If that'll keep it know who we need to pitch? Howard
> Dean! That whole "Dean For America" structure still exists, Dean has
> been concerned about Diebold and company...jeez, they raised what,
> $3.5mil for his ass, OVC is a much better place to put money :) not that
> we'd say that...
> Still, point is a Dean blog-link to OVC and a mention that this is
> probably a good idea and...jeez, we're off and running!
> So who's got contacts with the major Deaniacs who could put a word in
> Howard's ear?

I don't have major contacts, but Salt Lake County Mayoral candidate Peter
Corroon is Howard Dean's cousin and I may be able to make contact with him
after the election. (I hope he wins.) or I can try to avoid missing the
next DeanforAmerica meetup in SLC. (Peter is having a really strange
election here. His opponent dropped out of the race at the last minute due
to legal problems and the Republicans are trying a little less than honest
tactics to get a new opponent on the ballot at the last minute - a real
headache with punch cards for the election officials.)

Any of us could attend DeanforAmerica meetups by signing up at

I need a sales pitch and more info. and a specific request before I can
ask for a meeting with Peter. I have spoken personally with Peter Corroon
before and he did say he would meet with me when I was next in Utah about
my other project (that I should be working on) to get a new
info-coordinating web site up for progressives, but I never got around to
calling him.


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