Re: Any other OVC contributors in Ohio?

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 17:08:40 CDT

Thanks, Troy. I am still OVC CEO and president, founder, and the closest
thing to "official."

I don't know of anyone else in Ohio. The contact list on our press release
is still okay.

Others have spoken to the press on behalf of OVC on occasion. Karl Auerbach
gave a great interview on APR 1. Kathy Dopp, Teresa Hommel, Charlie
Strauss, Jim March, and others have lots of experience with the media and
have spoken in favor of OVC ideas (e.g., open source, paper ballot, etc.) if
not directly taking about the OVC. Frankly, I think you understand the OVC
pretty well and can represent the OVC in your local media. Be sure to send
us a link to any articles! If you want some briefing before an interview,
give me a call.

One time I got a call from a TV station in San Diego. They wanted someone
local to present the OVC position -- within the hour! I very nearly
succeeded in recruiting someone I only knew by reputation, but, as I recall,
he was at the dentist (he said later that day he would have been willing to
do it). In other words, if you need some more "local contributors" for the
benefit of the media, you may be able to recruit some with a few phone

Alan D.

> Hello,
> I know I haven't been very talkative on this list, but I've been
> championing the OVC to local reporters here in Cincinnati. I talked
> with another reporter this morning, and he asked if there were any
> other local contributors, meaning local to Cincinnati, Ohio. Anyone on
> this list live nearby?
> Also, if I wanted to refer a reporter to somebody to speak "officially"
> for the OVC, who should that be?
> Thank You,
> Troy
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