Re: Dechert to resign OVC

From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Mon Oct 25 2004 - 22:55:36 CDT

Hello again Kathy and John,

     Sigh, sometimes I'm my own worst enemy. Here's another run at what I
meant to say.

Those are good ideas. Why don't you take another step or two with these and
get back to the mailing list with a report on the results. If no one
strenuously objects, take some more steps. Rinse and repeat.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy, solely speaking for himself.

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> Kathy Dopp wrote:
>>When you send out email requests for support, I would also email all the
>>Linux Users' Groups from each state.
> Hey, I got an idea!
> Userfriendly!
> Ummm...OK, it's a weird idea :).
> It's a web-based cartoon for the "geek set", well known for it's
> anti-Microsoft, pro-Linux stance. Hell, he even made fun of Diebold at
> one point.
> He does a "link of the day" at the bottom of the page that generates a LOT
> of hits. How much you wanna bet he'd be willing to do OVC?
> If we do this once the OVC webpage has a nice "membership beg" splash all
> over the top...?
> He might even find it blog-worthy - "let's help Linux save democracy"
> sorta thing?
> Jim
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