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I'd like to second this -- Alan has done a wonderful job starting the OVC
and getting it this far. I can certainly appreciate the difficulty of
working on the OVC without any income, and am impressed that Alan has been
able to stick with it as long as he has.
I hope that, as this email implies, we can "turn lemons into lemonade" by
using this transition as an opportunity to use the selection of a new
President to energize the group, and recruit new membership into OVC.
To that end, how do we proceed? Who will lead the search for the new
President? The board?
- LP

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Hi Alan,

I am sorry to see you leave. You have been terrific!

>From another email, David Mertz is quoted as saying that there are only
about 100 members on this mailing list. If that is the case, that may
explain why we are having trouble getting funds. Is there another tier of
people connected to OVC that are not privy to this list? To gain funding,
you usually need a large base and a way that members can contribute -
financially and in other ways. They must also feel that they are making a
difference by their membership and contributions. There are questions that I
have that follow on from these. Do we have any answers for these starting
questions? Thanks.

Reg. Charney

Alan Dechert wrote:

Jim March wrote:


Jeez, Alan, today's New York Times editorial calling for electronic

voting reform specifically pushes open source as a key part of the




Go print that out and give it another week, dude :).


I appreciate that, Jim. We have lots of great press indicating we have the

right idea. Unfortunately, it has not translated into appreciable financial

support with me running things. If we can get the right person in charge,

maybe the money will flow more easily. I have to figure out how I can

support my family. I'm also trying to do what's best for the OVC.

Alan D.


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