Re: Change of name of mailing list

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sat Oct 23 2004 - 14:16:54 CDT

At 12:09 PM -0400 10/23/04, David Mertz wrote:
>On Oct 23, 2004, at 3:03 AM, Arthur Keller wrote:
>>I'd like to change the name of the mailing list, since I'm getting
>>increasing amount of spam sent to the mailing list address
>Changing the name will have only a (very) short term effect on the
>spam volume. I'm sure that for a couple weeks, email harvesters
>wouldn't have picked up a new name. But after that they would, and
>you'd be back to the same situation you're concerned about.

It started as a trickle and has been increasing the last few weeks.
The spam started out as the Nigerian variety and now has shifted to

>In the meanwhile, a change in name would cause disruption and
>annoyance among legitimate members. Not all 100 members will change
>the address immediately in all their address books (including the
>ones mailers create automatically, i.e. auto-fill prior sent
>addresses). Some people use multiple computers and mailing systems
>even. And some legitimate members will get confusing bounce
>messages as a result, perhaps think the list simply died, and so on.
>Other members who whitelist or filter based on the existing list
>address will have problems too; including some who start falsely
>flagging VP messages as spam because of such a change.


>A better approach is to apply a spam filter to the received messages
>and/or to send an automated rather than manual bounce message. For
>example, if Arthur were to generate an auto-bounce message saying
>"Messages must be sent from registered subscriber addresses", that
>would be plenty of a reminder for me on those unfortunate occasions
>where I accidentally send from my non-list addresses. But 99% of
>spammers use fake return addresses, and the auto-bounce would just
>disappear in the vapor. And even that remaining 1% of illegitimate
>senders would not be subscribers (though maybe a few would
>legitimately wish to be, and the message would let them know the

The mailing list software bounces to me all messages from people that
aren't on the list. I then go through each message to see if it is
legitimate and then manually send a gentle reminder. Some people
with multiple email addresses have sent a reply from the wrong one.
But perhaps the solution is to have the bounce go back to the sender
rather than to me. I can look into how to do that.

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