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]ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: E-voting: Can we count on it? In the wake of
Florida's Great Chad Disaster in the 2000 election, the federal
government successfully pushed states into moving more quickly to new
voting technologies that purportedly were more efficient and
trustworthy than paper or punch cards. Now we're approaching a
presidential election in which an estimated 43 million Americans will
cast their ballots via electronic voting machines. But with the new
technology has come a host of new and divisive questions. Current
e-voting machines, critics say, threaten to undermine trust in
democracy because they are vulnerable to security breaches, fraud,
hardware and software glitches and human error. And worse, they say,
the machines produce no paper trail with which to verify the accuracy
of results or trace problems. Manufacturers, contending the threats
are overblown or based on faulty analysis, are reluctant to make
significant changes. Caught between, state and local election
officials have taken a range of positions, from dismissing worries
about security risks to requiring paper vote verification in the
future. In a weeklong discussion with SiliconValley.com readers,
panelists from across this spectrum of opinion will wrestle with the
key questions: Is e-voting secure and trustworthy? If not, can it be
made so and how?
hope you'll join the conversation.

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