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From: Douglas W. Jones <jones_at_cs_dot_uiowa_dot_edu>
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 12:38:05 CDT

On Oct 1, 2004, at 11:12 AM, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:

> Hello David:
> When you get the article, consider putting it on
> the new Wiki.

This would probably be a copyright violation. If the author
puts it up under his own web site, however, as he is entitled
to do under ACM's copyright rules, you can link to the author's
copy. You can also link to the ACM web site, and leave people
puzzled about how to get a copy.

Many academics and employees of large computer firms will find
that links to the ACM web site give access automatically, because
ACM checks the domain of the client and gives access if the
client has paid an institutional membership. So, being
at the U of Iowa, I see all the articles in both HTML and PDF

                Doug Jones
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