Re: Vision impaired interface

From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Oct 30 2003 - 16:25:07 CST


> I have been asked if I can work on the vision-impaired voting
> interface. I haven't accepted this yet, but I guess I can manage
> to do the technical parts. There are a lot of other issues here,
> though. For example, the first that came to my mind was, how to
> handle write-ins - any ideas?
A lot of blind people know how to type. So we should have a regular
keyboard (maybe there is a special one?) available so they can type in the

We also need to have a way to do it if they don't type. I don't think there
is a very neat way to do this. Doug Jones probably knows how the DREs
handle this issue. We may have to repeat all the letters over and over and
let them pick a letter when they hear the one they want.
Listen-pick-repeat... Listen-pick-repeat. Not pretty. One thing that might
make this process better would be to enable them to accelerate the
recitation of the letters. Say they wanted "m"... rather than listen to a..
b... c... etc slowly they could press and hold the right arrow to speed up
the list. If they went past the letter, then they could hit the left arrow
to go back ... then hit the down arrow to select the letter. In any case, I
don't think we should attempt any text-to-speech -- write in names should be
spelled out letter-by-letter. This part is fairly awful and if it's not
perfect, well, that will be because it's just the demo. We should state
what is left to be desired in this process and say that we will make it
better in the production software.

Alan D.
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