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From: Chris Schaefer <evm_at_1reality_dot_org>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 20:10:06 CDT

It's very easy to retarget the code to different things. If we want
a java based BVA that's easy.


>A Barcode Vocalization Application must allow a barcode to be
>scanned and spoken multiple times. If the ballot numbers match,
>then the votes should be the same and the duplicate readings need
>not be stored. If the votes differ, then there is an error (unless
>we use a version number with the same ballot number, in which case,
>when the tallies are made only the last entry with the same ballot
>number is valid).
>At 6:16 AM -0700 10/23/03, Alan Dechert wrote:
>> > Hello everyone!
>>> I've taken a first pass at web application which can be used to
>>> read the barcode data, present a ballot for approval on screen, and
>>> then store the data. I did this mostly to try to understand the
>>> bit encoding scheme, and to generate XML for future use on the
>>> counting side of things.
>>Excellent! Thanks, Chris. I noticed that you check for a valid ballot.
>>One of the side benefits of the inefficient bit encoding scheme is that an
>>infinitesimally small percentage of possible 116 bit numbers represent a
>>valid ballot. I assume your code takes full advantage of that so that it's
>>practically impossible for a scanner error to return a valid ballot. I
>>tried changing a digit on a valid number several times and it was rejected
>>every time.
>>You are only a step or so away from an on-line bva application. All you
>>have to do is create the wav file list and play it. If you have time, this
>>might be a good thing to have although I would not spend much time on it.
>>For the demo, I don't think your average surfer would try it if they have to
>>cut-and-paste the barcode number into your application from Jan's. A delux
>>version of the on-line demo would present the online ballot and then, after
>>the surfer punches the vote button, they would see an animation of the
>>printed ballot getting scanned. Then they'd be able to hear the selections
>>read back -- that way the surfer justs watches and listens after casting the
>>Looking forward to seeing some of the tabulation demo....
>>Alan D.
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