Re: Security markings on the ballot

From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 19:27:23 CDT


> Btw. I'm convinced by Doug's elaboration of why he wants the official
> logo too. Or at least close enough that I won't bother mentioning it
> further. Since Alan proposed the idea too, that's a good mandate.
Okay, good.

Let's ask Jan to include the "watermark" for the demo ballot printing
routine. Actually, I think Jan has already worked out how to do it. Here's
a sample:

This is what he sent me off-list earlier today:

     You can modify the placement, scaling and level of
     fading of the images, by opening the postscript file
     in a text editor, and modify the constants in these
     lines, just at the beginning of the file:

     /flag_fade_factor .1 def
     /flag_scale 1 def
     /flag_offset {205 450} def
     /wright_fade_factor .3 def
     /wright_scale 1.25 def
     /wright_offset {56 60} def

     I believe the names are self explanatory. The units for
     the offsets are points = 1/72 inch.

As for the specific variations (flag placement etc) Doug suggested, I think
we can talk about that in more detail later. I think it's enough to point
out these elements on the printed ballot and say that for the production
system, real security print features will be included in a variety of ways
that will involve these elements (images, barcodes, and perhaps other

It's quite nice that we are getting the ballot printed via Postscript so
that all of these elements can be controlled with some precision easily. Of
course, this could also be accomplished with PCL or something else but
Postscript is more universal.

-- Alan D.
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