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From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 08:16:34 CDT

> Hello everyone!
> I've taken a first pass at web application which can be used to
> read the barcode data, present a ballot for approval on screen, and
> then store the data. I did this mostly to try to understand the
> bit encoding scheme, and to generate XML for future use on the
> counting side of things.
Excellent! Thanks, Chris. I noticed that you check for a valid ballot.
One of the side benefits of the inefficient bit encoding scheme is that an
infinitesimally small percentage of possible 116 bit numbers represent a
valid ballot. I assume your code takes full advantage of that so that it's
practically impossible for a scanner error to return a valid ballot. I
tried changing a digit on a valid number several times and it was rejected
every time.

You are only a step or so away from an on-line bva application. All you
have to do is create the wav file list and play it. If you have time, this
might be a good thing to have although I would not spend much time on it.
For the demo, I don't think your average surfer would try it if they have to
cut-and-paste the barcode number into your application from Jan's. A delux
version of the on-line demo would present the online ballot and then, after
the surfer punches the vote button, they would see an animation of the
printed ballot getting scanned. Then they'd be able to hear the selections
read back -- that way the surfer justs watches and listens after casting the

Looking forward to seeing some of the tabulation demo....

Alan D.
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