Re: Security markings on the ballot

From: Chris Schaefer <evm_at_1reality_dot_org>
Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 14:31:31 CDT

The ONLY way to do this is to use cryptography, or very expensive
printing processes.
Any high quality copier will be able to make duplicate copies of any
ballot we print on a laser
printer which will be essentially indistinguishable from the
original. The flag may make
the printed ballot look patriotic, but it will not prevent counterfeiting.

That's assuming you use plain old paper. If you want to create
individually numbered and water
marked paper ahead of time ( using special printing presses etc ),
and then run these through the
plain old laser printer, that might work.


>Part of the scheme I have envisioned to prevent counterfeit ballots involves
>using images as watermarks. These images could be varied so that ballots
>produced on a particular PC on Election Day could be easy to distinguish
>visually from other ballots, and there would be no way for a prospective
>forger to know how they would appear on the ballot.
>I did a little experimenting with a couple of images I sent to you. I put
>American flag centered near the top so that the heading ("OFFICIAL BALLOT,
>GENERAL ELECTION" etc) is over the background image of the flag. I put a
>Wright Bros picture around the middle and lower half of the page. I like
>the way this looks.
>FYI, I posted it here (in Word 97 format):
>I used these images:
>I've posted this to give an idea what I'm talking about. For the demo, we
>don't necessarily need to incorporate code to mix up the images.
>I am hoping Jan can incorporate this into his ballot printing routine.
>-- Alan D.

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