Re: Barcode Vocalization Application

From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 02:36:06 CDT


Okay, here's what I get now:

Barcodes begin 4mm from both right and left edge of paper
Barcode width is 10mm
Top Ballot ID is 10mm from top and 17mm from left/right
Bottom Ballot ID is 10mm from bottom, and 17mm from left/right
The barcode is about 3 inches long

This is good. This means that only about 1/2 inch or so needs to be exposed
and nothing but the barcode will show.

Cue Cat scan checks out okay:

Now, we need some sort of security markings on the ballot. This need not be
fully functional for the demo. It could be something we just point to and
say there will be secret information coded there that authenticates the
ballot -- proving that it came from this particular PC on Election Day.

For now, maybe you could put a watermark. Say, an American flag. Maybe
some scenery and/or portrait of the Wright Brothers or something. Some
parameters for these images would be fixed according to some calculations on
application startup.


With your printing routine with the on-line ballot, can the ballot be sent
straight to the printer, rather than going to PDF file?

Can we improve the output when using Acrobat to print the PDF? The margins
are way off. I notice the type is smaller too. Maybe we need to change
some settings in Acrobat before using with your ballot printing routine? I
am now using reader 6.0.

Alan D.
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