RE: Scanner, write-ins, printer (was Re: Barcode -- printed ballot)

From: Arnie Urken <aurken_at_stevens-tech_dot_edu>
Date: Mon Oct 20 2003 - 16:36:55 CDT


Our plan is to have a few reports for different implementations of ranked
systems including
approval voting (which is ranked system with two ranks), IRV (with and
without allowing tied votes for a rank--and with top-down and bottoms-up
strategies for eliminating votes),and Borda voting (assignment of points in
descending order of preference--with and without ties). The goal is to take
account of interests in different voting methods by showing results for mock
data without showing the form used to collect the data. In the project, we
would work on interfaces for different voting methods, auditing issues,
etc., but for the demo, we just want to show that we are voting-method
neutral and are ready to implement any method.

Regarding ranking a single candidate in second place, there is no
convention. Elliptical rankings are always an issue in Borda and other
methods. Respecting the intent of the voter is tricky. My inclination is to
prompt the voter -> "did you mean second place or first place?" or something
like that

About write-ins, it would be possible with write-ins to show them to other
voters as they are submitted so that they can be ranked by as many voters as



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