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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 16:43:18 CST

At 5:19 PM -0500 3/31/04, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:
> >> One question: can the ballots be scanned during the day,
>>> or must they all be scanned after the polls close? I ask
>>> for two reasons; ....
>>This is a much more complex issue than it might appear. If you scan each
>>one as they get deposited, you raise all sorts of issues related to ballot
>Yep, that's why I asked people that are much smarter than I am.

Scanning them throughout the day is exactly what is done with the
mark/sense system in San Mateo. And there is a complete printed log
of how the scanner worked, and how it scanned, including a timestamp.

> >More on that later... like maybe next week... or next month ... or next
>OK. Next week/month/year I'll ask what problems there are with
>whatever procedure optical mark readers use, since they're used to
>scan votes during the day.
> >Alan

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