[OVC-demo-team] Break a leg!

From: Troy Davis <troy_at_digissance_dot_com>
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 09:19:17 CST

Seeing as show business is paranoid about well-wishing, and the demo on
Thursday is such a media event, I'll stick with the tried and true
encouragement "Break a leg!", knowing that by the dynamics of unwritten
mass media law I've just prevented such a catastrophe from actually
happening. :-)

I thank everyone who has contributed to this project, and I thank you
for allowing me an opportunity to assist in some small way. You carry
the hopes and dreams of freedom-loving people all over the world with
you Thursday, we're crossing our fingers!

Troy Davis
Interactive Engineer
Metaphor Studio
538 Reading Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
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