Re: [OVC-demo-team] Problems with RII

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 10:35:04 CST

At 5:16 PM +0100 3/25/04, Jan Karrman wrote:
>This is why I so badly wanted people to test the RII earlier...
>It doesn't feel good to start rewriting too much of the code a
>week before the demo.


>What changes do you consider necessary for the demo?
>On Wed, 24 Mar 2004, Arthur Keller wrote:
>> 1. RII doesn't print the ballot, it merely writes a file called
>> It needs also to issue the command:
>> lpr
>> so the ballot gets printed
>This is prepared for, and easily enabled.

Please tell me how to enable it.

> > 2. Cat Catcher doesn't work right. It doesn't ask for write-ins if
>> two choices were selected, or if the last regular choice was
>> selected.
>??? I don't recognize this behavior at all. Are you sure that was
>what happened?

It's such a long process, and I went through a bunch of different
tests, that I don't recall exactly what it did. I'll test it again
and get back to you with more details.

> > What it should do is go through all the candidates until 3
>> are chosen. If it gets to the end before 3 candidates are chosen, it
>> should report the candidates, say how many the voter voted for and
>> how many votes are allowed, and then ask if additional candidates are
>> wanted. If so, go through the list again, but this time skip the
>> ones already chosen, but allow a(nother) write-in vote. Go through
>> the loop one more time if a candidate was selected and there is still
>> one slot left.
>> Better yet, if the candidate has selected a write-in candidate and
>> has votes left, ask the candidate to select another write-in
>> candidate BEFORE giving the other choices again.
>Do you mean replacing the write-in just entered!? Or do you mean
>selecting one more write-in candidate? That isn't allowed within the
>scope of the demo, I believe.

One more write-in candidate. Can you have two write-in candidates
for a "select 3 candidates" race?

> > 3. When reviewing the selections chosen prior to printing, if someone
>> presses down arrow, you should ask "You have not heard all your
>> selections. Are you ready to print your ballot now? Yes, print my
>> ballot now. No, let me continue reviewing my voting selections."
>> 4. If I go back and change a candidate in the review process, it
>> drops all the remaining selections, and makes me finish the rest of
>> the ballot. BAD. It should instead ask if I want review my ballot
>> selections (votes) or if I want to vote the remaining races on the
>> ballot.
>It doesn't remove any selections other than in the contest you changed.

I changed a selection (cat catcher), and it then asked me how I
wanted to vote for the race that followed it in the ballot. I wasn't
put back in the review process.

>After every change made, while in the review process, you are given
>the option to listen to the selection, or print the ballot and exit.
>There is also one instruction that has been forgotten: when in the
>review process (contest level), you have a way out using the up arrow.

Is that now in the instructions? Where does the up arrow return you to?

>> 5. In the review process, if there are races I haven't voted in, it
>> should ask me if I want to vote in those races, and take me directly
>> there if I say yes.
>> You have not voted for Treasurer. Would you like to vote in that
>> race? YES/NO.
>A lot of your suggestions make sense. I'm not sure there is time to
>implement them, though.

Jan, sorry. The most important ones are (1) automatic printing of
the ballot (using the regular lpr command on Mac OS X), and (2)
getting back into the review process after changing a vote.

Third priority is to enable keyboard (letter, space bar, punctuation)
input as an alternative to the arrow keys for the write-in stuff.
Then a demoer could show the arrow version, and then quickly switch
to the keyboard version for the rest of the write-in name.

Thanks for all your help.

Best regards,

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