Re: [OVC-demo-team] Ballot screen is OK

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 14:27:40 CST

> On Mar 24, using the latest evm_files-noaudio.tar.gz
> After freshly installing Fedora Linux and before tweaking the screen
> resolution
> (1024 X 768) all of the edges of the ballot were off the screen; when I
> moved to
> 1152 X 864 and higher I was able to see and interact with the whole
> ballot.

This is a *feature* not a bug. The ballot is designed to run at
1280x1024, and not at any other resolution.

FWIW, I tried running on my Powerbook, and couldn't figure out how to
make it display on my external 1280x1024 screen (the Powerbook creates
a multi-screen virtual display, but the laptop screen is only
1280x854). I tried changing the code to fit on the laptop screen,
which displayed, but the clicks didn't line up with the bubbles. I
didn't make much of that one way or the other. I haven't worked with
PyGame before though, so didn't know what to look for in the code (I
figured out the constants for screen size in the first few lines :-)).

My Linux box also has a 1280x1024 (flat screen) display (really, my SOs
machine; but I'm "root"). I should try that... but first I need to
write about PEAK for a deadline weighing heavily.

Yours, David...

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